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  1. I am starting Day 8 – so far this has been amazing, considering all other other programs I’ve purchased, this $15 book seems to be holding the key for change.
    I am still using meditation and subliminal meditations but now I believe they are actually working because I’ve changed the way I’m thinking. Still from where I want to be but my motto “Consistent Daily Action in the Direction of my Goals will equal my Vision”.
    Sincerely Sharon
    See you on the other side of Day 15 – and Repeat!

    1. I really enjoy doctor bandler material, I’ve taken a few courses and I look forward to finishing this book, keep up the good work. You rock

  2. Having found and watched Dr Bandlers you tube videos recently, I wanted to engage with his current work. Probably first heard of NLP over 30 years ago but I chose not to pursue it which was a substantive mistake! Here I go now.

  3. Hi Everyone, I am looking forward to reading and working on the 15 day plan in the Thinking on Purpose book! I am attending my first NLP Practitioners course next week! as I am at the beginning of yet another very exciting and challenging career journey ahead of me of which NLP is going to be a massive part of!
    Only this time around, I am going to succeed!! x

  4. I have registered as a member to get access to Thinking on Purpose, but I got a message “You don’t have access to purchase this item” even though inside ,y account it says “active” membership. What does it mean and how it works?

        1. Vince,

          If you are referring to “Thinking On Purpose Membership” it is the third option from the right. Between login and my account.

      1. your reply was no help. I too am marked as Active membership to thinking on purpose, but marked the same as the other person… access or something.

  5. Page 92 talks about what ultimately gets you to take action. Today, Thursday, on my list of things to do was to call the tax guy to talk about converting an IRA into a Roth IRA (a taxable event). I had that item on my list of things to do since Monday and hadn’t done it. I took my phone out and selected his name from the contacts list. After hesitating a bit, I called him. He wasn’t there, but I set up an appointment to see him on Friday at noon.
    After I hung up, I remembered what Dr. Bandler had written on page 92. I pulled out my phone (as a prop), selected the tax man, and put myself back in the state that I had been in when I phoned. That was the state that gets me to take action! With my eyes closed, I tried to see what image I had seen, but only saw a gray field with a black, river shape across it. What did I hear? An internal voice, mine, saying “I’d f’ing better call him!” insistently. What about body sensations? I noticed that my lips were together and felt far away when I touched them with my tongue. My bottom lip was slightly between my front teeth because I was sucking in slightly. My cheeks were also sucked in a bit. I had a feeling of my groin pulling up as if I were doing Kegel exercises, but not as pronounced (same muscle group). I could feel my stomach muscles tighten a bit across my belly. My breathing was normal and comfortable.
    I felt aware of the room around me. My peripheral vision had a wide angle and I felt attentive, alert, and ready.
    I went back to see if I could now see any image of anything and it dawned on me that there was something right up against my face, something very tall and what was pressing against my face was a pant leg, a light green or cream-colored pair of pants, like the Levi’s I wore in high school. I moved up in my mind and there was a figure, a very tall figure. It was a young man in pants and a white t-shirt with a short white cape (to his mid-back). The cape was fluttering in the wind. The figure was facing to the left, into the wind, with what I would describe as a resolute face. He was standing on a grassy cliff overlooking the sea to the right and the center beyond. I was looking at his left side from my POV.
    His hair was reddish brown with a woman’s dark red tone to it (like my wife’s hair dye), not like an Irish redhead. It was short but long enough so tufts of it were blowing in the wind, like the whitecaps I used to see when I sailed with my father in his boat on San Francisco bay. He always picked days to go out when it was “choppy”. His face was late high school to late twenties and reminded me of the space man in Toy Story, but serious, not humorous, or like the soldier in the Wolfenstein game. He had a kind of computer game hero appearance with some Manga to it and a little Archie comic book look. He was muscular and fit, able to take care of himself if the need arose. His fists may have been clenched.
    So, basically, when I really need to do something, this big guy facing whatever the wind blows his way resolutely, with his back to the ocean (nowhere to go) appears right up against my face and says I’d better go do whatever needs to be done. Cool.

    1. frenchdounuts,

      Great question!

      There are any number of ways to figure out the direction of spin. The easiest for most people is simply imagine the feeling spinning in a single direction at time. Increase the speed of the spin and if the feeling increases then you have your answer. Try all four directions (one at a time) and notice the difference. One will increase and three will change the feeling without increase. They will be different but not normally increase the same feeling.

      Hope that helps.


    1. David,
      I am unsure what you mean that you cannot use the scan code. To use the QR codes you must be logged in on the site as a member. If the code is taking you to a page that suggests that you log in follow that link to login.

      Once you are a member, a member-only section of the menu of the menu appears entitled “THINKING ON PURPOSE”. That menu will link to ALL the videos. The shop will also now allow you to purchase (free) and download the worksheets.

      Kind regards,

      Your membership team

  6. Just did Bandlers Advanced Hypnotic Practitioner training. It’s the first training I’ve officially done with him and wow it was good. Highly reccomended.

    Just 25% through this book and loving it. The first chapters were excellent. Using it on a Kindle and PC to access this, all working smoothly. Impressed.
    For those that haven’t learned NLP, first get right into this, and then commit yourself to one of the Practitioner Training by Bandler or his trainers.

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