Thinking on Purpose

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  1. I am starting Day 8 – so far this has been amazing, considering all other other programs I’ve purchased, this $15 book seems to be holding the key for change.
    I am still using meditation and subliminal meditations but now I believe they are actually working because I’ve changed the way I’m thinking. Still from where I want to be but my motto “Consistent Daily Action in the Direction of my Goals will equal my Vision”.
    Sincerely Sharon
    See you on the other side of Day 15 – and Repeat!

    1. I really enjoy doctor bandler material, I’ve taken a few courses and I look forward to finishing this book, keep up the good work. You rock

  2. Having found and watched Dr Bandlers you tube videos recently, I wanted to engage with his current work. Probably first heard of NLP over 30 years ago but I chose not to pursue it which was a substantive mistake! Here I go now.

  3. Hi Everyone, I am looking forward to reading and working on the 15 day plan in the Thinking on Purpose book! I am attending my first NLP Practitioners course next week! as I am at the beginning of yet another very exciting and challenging career journey ahead of me of which NLP is going to be a massive part of!
    Only this time around, I am going to succeed!! x

  4. I have registered as a member to get access to Thinking on Purpose, but I got a message “You don’t have access to purchase this item” even though inside ,y account it says “active” membership. What does it mean and how it works?

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